BAM! presents Dayton’s first Cash Mob

 I’m really excited to announce yet another venture for me; BAM! What is BAM!?
BAM! is a collective of artists, designers and urban planners who create installations in public spaces throughout the Dayton area. Our installations are interactive, informational and encourages positive social change.

And who is “we”? Well, it’s me (Bethany of i love SoOh not so fame) and Erin Gillespie. My friend and colleague and all around girl-on-the-scene extraordinaire. We decided we wanted to create cool events and installations in Dayton. Candy Chang is our inspiration but we hope to add our own flair and have varied projects we bring to Dayton. And our first event is Dayton’s 1st Cash Mob for National Cash Mob Day on

Saturday, March 24th 2012 at 5 p.m.
at 521 E Fifth St

Here’s a the official National Cash Mob logo

This is a very exciting time for BAM! It is just the beginning but we have drummed up some decent press that I shall list:

  • Facebook: we have 32 (hopefully in counting) rsvps, 17 maybe and 127 invitees. Help us spread the word by re-sharing!
  • Twitter: we’ve got twitter presence that I would love beefed up, so please follow and retweet.
  • It’s Great in Dayton: posted about our event
  • Dayton Most Metro: we are on their calendar 
  • ****LOCAL NEWS****: we will be making an appearance on FOX 45 at 8:20 am on Friday, March 23rd, 2012!! – Very excited about this and any tips on appearing on tv would be greatly appreciated!

This was very inspired by the cash mobs that started in Cleveland so I want to thank them for creating such a great idea. Speaking of idea, here is the sum up of what a cash mob is:

The general idea is to encourage people to go into small, local businesses and spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus.

By and large, those that organize Cash Mobs are simply people trying to make a positive impact on the businesses in their communities (and have fun while doing it)!

So please remember to re-share, tweet, and come on out for Dayton’s 1st Cash Mob presented by BAM!

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