Go to Event: Crafty Supermarket – CIncinnati

Saturday, November 19th 11 am – 6 pm
 Clifton Cultural Arts Center
 3711 Clifton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220
You may remember my feature on Crafty Supermarket a month or so ago. Well, the day has finally come when we can all see the Crafty Supermarket with our very own eyes! And you may also remember my feature on VisuaLingual, they will be one of the many vendors selling there! Isn’t it awesome when things come full circle? And I know I have a history on not going to events…yeah, I’m outing myself because I want to state here and now, that I most certainly will be going to this!! Yup, I’m setting my self up for success or embarrassment! This is going to be a great place to buy art for our very barren walls and see all the talented indie crafters in the area. If you are going to be there as a customer or vendor, please share your excitement and/or goods!
Price: Free!
Location: Gaslight District
Building: Clifton Cultural Arts Center
Parking: check out the map here

Food: Yes!


5 responses to “Go to Event: Crafty Supermarket – CIncinnati

  1. I'm glad you're calling yourself out before the fact! Now you have to make it!

    As for us, we are furiously working to finish just one more new project before tomorrow. If we can pull this off, I'll be really happy. If not, I might just cry from disappointment. Cross your fingers!

  2. @VisuaLingual awww, don't cry! I wish you lots of luck and I'm excited to see your booth. If you aren't too swamped with folks (which you probably will be) I'll introduce myself :)

    @Ally I'm debating on taking my diesel camera and taking nice photos (still not sure if I can do that even with my hefty camera). My poor mason jar shop is on permanent hiatus haha but a friend of mine had a really cool suggestion and is helping me make a new item. If we get it done, I might start the shop again!

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