Haunfest Review and Halloweenfare

I had a great time at Haunfest! It was incredible to see 5th street cleared of parked cars and full of people in spooky get ups. We spent the first half serving beverages and now I have officially learned how to pour the perfect libation from a tap! We were right near the stage so we got to enjoy the live music and djs. I went as this:
Yeaaaa…I phoned it in. I’m just too much of a cheapie to shell out for an elaborate get up. And if I did I would act like Mr. Swanson and…

…definitely wear it every single year. A good costume didn’t matter to me but Kyle on the other hand was super nervous about looking silly NOT wearing a costume. So we agonized over his costume. Here were my ideas that were swiftly rejected:

As you can see I was determined for him to be some sort of dork that wears red. But he felt like his beard should be a part of the costume so I came up with…
I actually had a sailor-esque jacket that I got from my lovely cousin who wore it for her Senior photos in the 90s; believe me it was epic, but it looked like a weird shrug on him because it was made for a 5’4 girl. Here’s Kyle’s idea but it had way too much swag to acquire…
And our last our failed idea…

But, wait! A stroke of genius, over here!

The outfit basically ended up being a red hat, light blue striped shirt with a piece of yellow yarn taped in the shape of a “Z”.

And after exhaustively sharing Kyle costume folly, here is a list of just a few of the interesting/memorable costumes we saw:

Bumble-bee (a full transformer suit with lights and robot sounds that stood at least 15ft tall. It was amazing!)
Abraham…umm, flashing…
The Mad Hatter and the Red Queen from the film
Zanesville Sheriff and Animals
and of course my costume as Jo Stockton…and Steve Zissou too!


3 responses to “Haunfest Review and Halloweenfare

  1. The first photo is me. Ain't I a spittin' image! Haha…so we ended up not taking one photo of ourselves because we forgot to bring our camera and we still rock flip phones that have like a 2 mega pixel camera. Also it got really cold so we ended up just being dressed up in coats as “people who are cold”.

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